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On his own, man with cerebral palsy hopes to finish Camp Barnabas half marathon

Cerebral Palsy Athlete Performs Amazingly Well

For the past two years, Steven Marrs(a #cerebralpalsy sufferer) — better known as Steve-O — has participated in Camp Barnabas’ Big Party Half Marathon from a modified racing stroller. His buddy, Connor Petty, would push him the 13.1 miles.

But this year Marrs, who has cerebral palsy and cannot walk, hopes to complete the race on his own. He will ride his modified tricycle. Based on his training rides, Marrs figures it will take him about four hours. Marrs and Petty have done five races together with the racing stroller, including the Bass Pro Marathon in 2014.

The two met at Camp Barnabas, where Petty was a counselor. “When Connor is pushing me in the running stroller, sometimes I think, wouldn’t it be cool if I could do this on my bike,” he said in a Facebook message. “So I asked the people at Camp Barnabas and they said yes. “I like inspiring people to do more than they think they can,” he added. Marrs is 34 and lives in Tulsa.

He said he’s been coming to Camp Barnabas for 20 years, having been through every program at Camp Barnabas: camper, volunteer and now as part of the staff …..

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