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Daughter with disability

Angelica Rankin, aged 16, at her high school graduation.

Twenty-six years ago, a tiny slip of a baby slid into the world, with webbing on three fingers on her right hand and a little toe. No one knows why, perhaps it was the nasty episode of chickenpox her mother had while she was pregnant. In any case, this newborn girl had surgery in her birthplace, the Philippines, and her family moved to Australia, her father’s homeland. Here, they were sure, lay a brighter future.

What was she like? “Slim, bubbly, a really happy kid”, says Philip Rankin, as he recalls his daughter Angelica as a child. A photo taken for her confirmation shows a beaming girl in a long white dress and delicate lace gloves. Even later, after the trouble started, she could be a sweetheart. With the right help.
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