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room for girls

Girl’s Room

Our boy’s room has a lovely view of the back yard, through their own sliding patio door. It also has an en-suite bathroom with shower & toilet.

The beds are nice and comfortable and there is enough wardrobe space for their clothes.

The girls have an equally nice room, also with a sliding patio door,  viewing onto the same back garden. They also have an en-suite bathroom but they have a bath with telephone shower, and a walk-in closet.

All rooms are shared by between 2 to 3 boys or girls.

Of course we don’t forget the little ones. Our baby has a lovely baby’s room, attached to the main bedroom for easy supervision. A nice dressing station and cot makes for a room to die for.

Room for intellectually disabled babys

Baby’s Room

Room for intellectually disabled babys

Baby’s Cot

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